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    從設計圖稿,鞋底,鞋面打樣版 (鞋面以手工製鞋方式製作,並以先進技術複製至模具上。) 研發.設計.打樣.施工.已至大量生產製造。



  The company was established in 1964 by Mr. Chen Chun-chou, and has over fifty years of experience specializing in the manufacture of PVC injection molded slippers and foam slippers, including professional and technical design research and development, from design and artwork to soles, casts (first using hand-made shoe casts and copying the molds using advanced technology), R&D, proofing, and mass production.

  The company has always led the industry in terms of innovationand improvement, upholding the concepts of sustainable development and customer service, as well as continuous research and development to achieve more innovative goals.

  To enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese industries in the world, the company is currently investing more in the research and development of high-quality materials, including textured and marble patterns and other products, in order to achieve the top position in Taiwan.

  We welcome more manufacturing cooperation with both domestic and overseas brands.



創辦人: 陳春州
營業性質: 出口、製造、批發、OEM/ODM
主要貿易地區: 全球
主要産品: 吹氣拖鞋、室內拖鞋、室外拖鞋等專業製造

Basic company information

Founded in 1964
Founder: Chen Chun-chou
Nature of Business: Exports, manufacturing, wholesale, OEM/ODM
Main trading areas: Global
Main products: Inflatable slippers, indoor slippers, outdoor slippers and other professional manufactured products

宥逢有限公司-YOU FUN Co., Ltd

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  • Address:No.1019, Zhonghua Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)